Safety Guide

We do our best to protect and safeguard the interest of all our members. However we are not able to do it alone. Hence, we request that all our members help to keep this site as fun and as safe as possible.


We are making an effort to help by advicing parents on how to protect their children from inappropriate content online. 

The most necessary prevention measure is to install parental control software on your computer. Some Internet Service Providers offer this service. . 

Parental control software works by blocking access to specific websites and online content as defined by the software. The software can also be set up to block sites based on keywords such as "sex", "sexy" and you can also filter out other undesirable topics such as drugs, alcohol, racism, violence, etc. 

However, the installation of such software does not give you a full guarantee that your children will be kept away from inappropriate online material. It is the parents' responsibility to educate and discuss with their children the possible dangers that they can be exposed to on the internet and to monitor their online activities. 

Some parental control software: CyberPatrol | Net Nanny 

More safety information for parents on the Internet is available at


Create a safe profile: 

Do not include personal contact particulars like email, home address, telephone numbers or your name in your profile and choose a username that doesn't reveal your identity. 

Get a new email account for online dating activities so that you can cancel it easily should you have problems such as spamming. Also, make sure your username on is not the same as your email address username. 

Keep your private information confidential 

We do not encourage members to divulge any personal information such as contact number or address when communicating with other members. It is in our best interest that you undertake these measures to avoid any risk of harassment or commercial solicitation. 

Keep away from people who pressure you for personal information or any other information that you don't want to reveal. While most people are decent, you can never be absolutely sure. Don't risk having your personal information fall into the wrong hands. 

Be vigilant 

Always look out for consistencies in what people tell you about themselves. If you sense any inconsistencies, it's best to move on. 

With so many profiles posted, you may come across some profiles where the persons online portrayal may not be his/her true self. Those are often referred to as fake profiles. Keep a look out for such portrayals. Our team of moderators have reviewed each profile but don't hesitate to report dubious profiles you have identified. 

Ask for pictures 

It is good to know who you are talking to. During your first meeting, if that person does not resemble the party on the photo, you would do best to just walk away. 

Meet in a public place 

Do not be tempted to meet up in secluded places even though it sounds more exciting. It is advisable to meet in public places first ; where you will feel safe and comfortable as well as to provide your own transportation to and from. 

No matter how nice the person you met may seem, you do not know him/her. While most people are decent, you can never be absolutely sure.

You have no obligations to meet the other person regardless of the amount of messages and information exchanged. 

Tell someone about your whereabouts 

Without giving information about the nature of the meeting, you should preferably let someone know about it to avoid any unforeseen circumstances. 

During your meeting 

Do not do anything you are uncomfortable with. If you feel there is something wrong or you are afraid to continue being with your date seek help immediately or thank the person and leave the place. Always keep in mind your safety is more important than the person's opinion of you.


We all want to have fun on this site, especially sexual fun. But while having fun, we must not forget to play safe. Safe sex means to be in charge of your life. It is a mature way of ensuring safety, especially your own. 

Condoms, a widely used protection, are highly effective in preventing sexual disease transmission such as HIV and several other STDs. They are inexpensive and easily available. However only use condoms of good quality and of reliable brands. In the case where you are allergic to spermicide or latex, non-latex, non-spermicide condoms are available in your local pharmacies. You should consult your doctor for more information on allergies. 

Do not risk exposing yourself and other people to HIV and other STDs. No matter how nice a person is, you can never tell if that person is clean. If you are sexually active with multiple partners, it is definitely a good idea to get yourself checked regularly for HIV and STDs.


Constantly remind yourself that safety comes first. 
Be smart, play safe.